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Working in collaboration and strengthening our alliances with producers across Ontario is one of the core mandates of RRA. We know that an approach built on cooperation and open communication helps build trust and understanding. Our purpose is to leverage the strengths of everyone – producers, GFL, CSSA – to build the most efficient and cost-effective system for meeting regulatory requirements across Canada and, eventually, North America.


Ontario’s new Blue Box Regulation will fundamentally alter the way producers collect, sort, and recover resources and RRA is well positioned to help producers achieve 100% of recovery targets and contribute to a circular economy. On one hand, producers benefit from GFL’s infrastructure and their ability to service multiple municipalities, their commitment to continuous innovation and strategic growth, and their significant footprint and leadership in the environmental solutions market. On the other, in CSSA, producers get North America’s largest compliance solutions provider, offering an in-depth understanding of producers and their regulatory needs.

Producers' Alliance Council

RRA understands that Ontario’s producers need to have a seat at the table at a moment of such drastic transition. This is why RRA has established a Producers’ Alliance Council to directly involve producers in designing the new program. RRA works collaboratively with the Producers’ Alliance Council to provide input on how to best meet recovery targets, oversee the mechanisms designed to keep Customer Data confidential, make recommendations to RRA to advance the effectiveness and efficiency of RRA’s services, and much more. Producers across Ontario are pivotal in the direction and ultimately, in the success of RRA. Their experience and first-hand knowledge of Blue Box programs in Ontario is an asset that RRA will always embrace going forward.

What You Need to Know About Ontario EPR

Under the new Blue Box Regulation, producers in Ontario will be required to register with the Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority by October 2021. Under the new reforms, which will be phased into effect starting July 2023 and ending in 2025, an era of full Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) will commence meaning that all financial and operational responsibility for the end-of-life management of consumer products and packaging will fall on producers. EPR is a model that works, and Ontario’s example will be a strong catalyst for enhanced recovery solutions across the rest of Canada too.

We know producers are looking for a proven and experienced turn-key solution that ensures the best value, fair treatment, and confidence in outcomes and we believe RRA is positioned to deliver exactly that. By working collaboratively with producers, RRA aims to build a system that delivers best value to producers ensuring they’re positioned to meet regulatory requirements across Canada and, eventually, North America.

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We know that any transition period can be a difficult adjustment for all parties involved. Through the RRA, producers across Ontario gain decades of proven experience in navigating resource recovery and compliance solution programs and they can rest assured that our expert team of advisors is here to help guide them. Schedule a consultation with our team today to see how joining RRA can help advance your organization's interests.

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Ontario's New Full EPR Regulation

Under a modernized era of full extended producer responsibility (EPR) in Ontario, producers of designated products and packaging will be operationally and financially responsible for the collection, sorting, and recovery of recyclable materials in homes, schools, and other spaces province-wide.

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