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A Smooth Transition for Municipalities
November 23, 2021

Years of preparation, and months of negotiations have gone into drastically changing the resource recovery landscape in Ontario, which will culminate in seeing an end to municipal-led responsibility and a transition to a producer-led approach for resource recovery. This transition will see over 360+ eligible communities and millions of Ontarians affected by these new rules and making sure that municipalities across Ontario are part of this process is important for us at the Resource Recovery Alliance. This is why we are committed to:

Supporting a smooth and timely transition from the existing to the new system

Leveraging GFL’s extensive capabilities in sorting, processing, marketing, and reporting of Blue Box material across North America, including in many municipalities across Ontario, ensures that RRA will be with you every step of the way during this transition. Our team is ready to answer any questions you might have and be the Producer Responsibility partner you need in this process. We understand that municipal waste management programs, for which you’re currently responsible for 50% of the costs, are a significant division of your operations. We also understand that a change of this magnitude will require strategic decisions and alterations in normal operations over the coming months. Rest assured that whether it’s taking on a more active role in the resource recovery process or divesting yourselves from existing assets, municipalities in Ontario will be able to lean on RRA to help them chart the best path forward.

No service disruptions to Ontario residents

Ontarians need to have confidence that, under the new Blue Box Regulation, their weekly recycling schedules won’t miss a beat. This isn’t a lofty goal or a pie in the sky promise – this is a necessity for municipalities. RRA understands the complexities involved and we’ll leverage GFL’s extensive municipal experience and industry-leading technologies to make this a reality. For example, their experienced GIS (Geographical Information System) and Routing Teams use dynamic data mining and analysis tools to provide cost- and time-efficient services for residents. Our teams can model customer constraints, route times, payloads, disposal sites, and optimal start and end times using desired route costing and operational parameters, and are digitizing large municipal customer routing data, such as current vs. proposed route model for cost saving opportunities. So, while it is true that a transition of this magnitude will generate questions and concerns from residents, we assure you that our decades of experience and having the right high-tech tools will mitigate any impacts - and ensure Ontarians’ resource recovery remains on schedule.

A system that achieves levels of service equivalent or exceeds current services

We know that municipalities are faced with ever-increasing and tougher expectations from their residents when it comes to their community’s environmental outcomes. They are increasingly attuned to the importance of resource recovery rates, moving the dial on environmental change, and willing to hold those in power to higher accountability.  RRA knows based on GFL’s experience and what they’ve heard from across the 900+ communities they serve is that their combination of the best talent in the industry and cutting-edge technology has, in fact, improved the previous service structures and created an even better system. Combining that with CSSA’s years of compliance and administration expertise, and our commitment to ongoing innovation, will ensure Ontarians experience a seamless transition to the new system in a way that meets and exceeds expectations.

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