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Ontario’s new Blue Box Regulation will see an end to municipal responsibility and a transition to a producer-led approach in which they fully finance and operate local Blue Box programs. Municipalities will no longer be responsible for covering 50% of the costs of these recycling programs, and this change will have a significant impact on the over 360+ eligible communities across Ontario that will transition starting July 2023 and ending in 2025. RRA understands the complexities of this undertaking and assures municipalities and consumers that they will receive the same dedication, commitment, and trustworthiness they’ve been accustomed to from GFL.


GFL has enjoyed the decades-long relationships it has built and fostered with municipalities across Ontario. With the province’s new Blue Box Regulation taking effect starting July 2023 and ending in 2025, municipalities need to be assured that this trusted service is maintained through a seamless transition, with no disruptions to residents – and RRA can make that commitment. Whether it’s taking on a more active role or divesting themselves from existing assets, municipalities in Ontario will be able to lean on RRA every step of the way.

What You Need to Know About Ontario EPR

Under the new Blue Box Regulation, municipalities in Ontario will no longer be responsible for the financing or operation of their local blue box programs. Under the new reforms, which will be phased into effect starting July 2023 and ending in 2025, an era of full Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) will commence meaning that all financial and operational responsibility for the end-of-life management of consumer products and packaging will fall on producers. EPR is a model that works, and Ontario’s example will be a strong catalyst for enhanced recovery solutions across the rest of Canada too.

We know that municipalities are justifiably concerned about the sensitivities around residential collection, and they can be guaranteed that RRA will ensure this trusted service will be maintained through a seamless transition. By working collaboratively with municipalities, RRA will aim to build the most efficient and cost-effective system for meeting regulatory requirements across Canada and, eventually, North America.

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We know that any transition period can be a difficult adjustment for all parties involved. Through the RRA, producers across Ontario gain decades of proven experience in navigating resource recovery and compliance solution programs throughout North America and they can rest assured that our expert team of advisors is here to help guide them. Schedule a consultation with our team today to see how joining RRA can help advance your organization's interests.

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Ontario's New Full EPR Regulation

Under a modernized era of full extended producer responsibility (EPR) in Ontario, producers of designated products and packaging will be operationally and financially responsible for the collection, sorting, and recovery of recyclable materials in homes, schools, and other spaces province-wide.

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