The way we recycle is changing for the better


Currently in Ontario, a patchwork of hundreds of municipal recycling programs are responsible for collecting around 900,000+ tonnes of packaging and paper products from approximately 5.5 million single family, multi-family and seasonal households across the province. Within this framework, operated by the municipality in which you live, product and packaging producers then rebate municipalities roughly 50% of their operating costs. However, under Ontario’s new Blue Box Regulation, producers will now be operationally and financially responsible for the collection, sorting, and resource recovery of residential recyclable materials province-wide. But don’t worry, your weekly recycling schedule won’t miss a beat.

What is Ontario's New Regulation?

The new Blue Box Regulation are designed to usher in a new concept known as full Extended Producer Responsibility, or full EPR. EPR is a policy approach that places financial and operational responsibility for the end-of-life management of consumer products and packaging on producers. EPR is beneficial because it works, most notably in Europe where it has helped many jurisdictions attain leading resource recovery rates and, here at home, British Columbia was the first jurisdiction to implement a full EPR approach for packaging and paper products.

What does it mean for you? Put simply, Ontario’s improved Blue Box program will simplify and standardize what Ontarians can throw in their blue bins, making it easier and less confusing to recycle.

What is a PRO?

Under the government’s new Blue Box Regulation, producers of products can hire a producer responsibility organization (PRO) to help manage and implement the province’s new era of full Extended Producer Responsibility. A consolidated PRO like RRA, with leading sector experience and scale, from both the environmental services and compliance/administration sectors, is an invaluable asset during such massive change with growing pains and uncertainty. Consumers across Ontario can have the comfort of knowing that they are in good hands with a PRO like RRA.

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We know that any transition period can be a difficult adjustment for all parties involved. Through the RRA, producers across Ontario gain decades of proven experience in navigating resource recovery and compliance solution programs throughout North America and they can rest assured that our expert team of advisors is here to help guide them. Schedule a consultation with our team today to see how joining RRA can help advance your organization's interests.

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Ontario's New Full EPR Regulation

Under a modernized era of full extended producer responsibility (EPR) in Ontario, producers of designated products and packaging will be operationally and financially responsible for the collection, sorting, and recovery of recyclable materials in homes, schools, and other spaces province-wide.

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